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  • “I started attending CrossFit to better myself mentally and physically. Since starting I have gained muscle, strenghtened my core and gained the confidencce to complete my first CrossFit competition. Everyday is a new workout, with positive support and great energy from the coaches and members.”

    Dylan Kemp
  • “I have been with Pure Athletics for a year and a half. The coaching is top-notch, the community is the most supportive of any gym I have ever trained in and the workouts never get boring. I am in my 40's and in the best shape of my life!”

    Chris Bennington
  • “Before I started at Pure Athletics, I was never really "athletic" and could barely run 20 sec without getting winded. I was nervous about starting but I've never looked back! Everyone is super welcoming and supportive and every time I go, I get excited seeing just how far I've come.”

    Connie Lam

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