Spring Fever!

We made it through yet another long, cold, dark winter. Spring has finally
arrived and it’s off to a good start! No more waking up in the dark and
going home from work in the dark!

That being said, with spring and summer here, it is easy to lose sight
of your goals and what you’ve been working so hard for over the winter.
People tend to forget about the goals and say they will start back up in
the fall. Yes, I know the outdoor patios and drinks are calling your
name and soon to be beaches and lakes! But that doesn’t mean you can’t
stay on track this spring and summer. Here are some tips to help you
enjoy the spring and summer but also stay on track and not lose sight of
those goals!

* MAKE TIME: Many people say they don’t have enough time or are too busy, Newsflash! Everyone is
busy!!!! Everyone has the same 12 hours in a day that you do. No matter
how busy you are you can always find a free hour 3x times a week for
yourself! If you can’t find time, then you need to re-evaluate your
priorities because you can always find time.
* ACCOUNTABILITY: it is very easy to fall off track or lose sight of
your goals when you have noone holding you accountable. Find someone to
join the journey with you, so you can hold each other accountable. Whether
it be a friend, a son, a daughter, your coach, there’s always someone
out there to help you stay on track.
* LIMIT YOURSELF: With spring and beach weather here, it is easy to
catch yourself having a few too many drinks, multiple times a week. As much as
some enjoy drinks, these can be full of calories
and add no nutritional value. Ultimately, they will set you back. With that in mind, set
limits to once or twice a week. And when you do indulge, set a limit of 1
or 2 drinks tops! You don’t need rely on alcohol for a good time!
* SET GOALS: Whether you already have goals or not, you need to set
goals for yourself. If you don’t have any goals to work towards,
you won’t stay on track! They don’t need to be anything fancy. If it’s to
lose 10lbs by the end of summer, or being in the best shape for that big
race coming up, it doesn’t matter what they are. You just need to have
something to always work towards.
* PRIORITIES: We need to figure out and set priorities in life.
Most likely, a lot of people’s biggest priorities are their family and
friends. And that’s how it should be. But I believe that your health and
wellness should be right up there with them. If you are giving up the
gym or health over the summer because you think you don’t have time,
then you need to re-evaluate. If you’re more concerned about going out and
having tons of drinks, then your health will suffer.
Don’t get me wrong. You shouldn’t sacrifice those fun times, but set
limits and keep your goals and health in mind!

I hope these tips will help you over the spring and summer and
hopefully you will follow them! If you don’t have goals, spend 10-20mins
sitting down by yourself and write down some long-term and short-term
goals to get everything started, or talk to Coach Robin, who specializes
in goal setting and he can get you started.

With this all being said, I know it is hard and frustrating at times.
Because of this, Pure Athletics will be putting on an accountability
challenge over the summer months!! We are very excited about this, and I
believe it can help all of you stay on track this summer. More details
to be released in the near future!

Here’s to an awesome spring and summer 2016!

By: Josh Kapacila

Pure Athletics

Colleen Daniels