Invest In Your Health

Investing in your health.

Now a days with jobs, family, friends, money, etc., it’s easy to push
your health to the side. While all of those things are very important,
it’s very easy to forget about the most important one. HEALTH. If you
don’t invest in your health, you won’t be able to enjoy things like
you should be.

I have worked in the health and wellness field for over 5 years now, and
prior to that, I worked in retail which included selling shoes.
After selling shoes for over a year, it absolutely blew me away how many
middle aged people couldn’t bend over to tie their shoes. Or sit-down on
their own to get there shoes off. Or were completely out of breath from
reaching down and tieing a shoe. It was then that I realized how unhealthy a
majority of our population is. What good is all the money in the world or the money
you worked so hard for if by the time you’re 50, you can’t sit down
on your own?
It was then that I realized I wanted to help solve this issue and help
people get their health back and/or keep it.
I know it’s easy to get caught up in life, and think you don’t have time,
or are too busy and keep pushing it off, but pretty soon 5,10,15 years
goes by and you catch yourself overweight, unhappy, or having health
issues. This is a common theme in society today. This is the point when
people go to the doctor wanting a pill for the fix, which by the way,
won’t work. You need to invest in your health and make it a priority in
your life so you can live your life to the fullest.

Here are 5 ways you can start making a change and investing in your

1. Priorities
First thing you have to do is make it a priority of yours to look after
yourself and your health!
It’s easy to find excuses to not exercise. I can’t tell you how many
times I’ve heard “it’s to expensive” or “I don’t have time” or  “I’m too busy.”
Well let’s kibosh those excuses. It’s not too expensive. If you’re tight on
cash, then make some cuts elsewhere. There are plenty of ways to save 100
bucks a month. Cut down on social nights out at restaurants or alcohol
consumption. It’s easy to think it’s too expensive if it isn’t a
You don’t have time. Well everyone has time if you make it a priority of
yours. Cut down on your tv watching and get to the gym for an hour.
Make it a priority, and I assure you, you will make time.

2. Routine
Make it part of your routine to do some physical activity each day.
Whether it be hitting the gym or getting outside for an activity. Or
simply a 10min walk after a long day at work.
If you’re constantly stopping and starting and not committing, it’s way too
easy to keep putting it off. Make it part of your daily routine and it
will turn into something you enjoy.

3. Beware of the fads!!
Let’s just get this out of the way. There is no short cut or easy way to
being healthy. You can’t just hop on a 1 month diet or a 1 month
exercise plan and expect change. There are so many fads now a days that
it’s hard not to get sucked into it.
I am going to tell you the big secret on health and wellbeing. There’s
only one way about it. And that is consistency!!! Consistency is key.
The secret:
-Regular physical activity – this can be anything from outdoor activity
to hitting the gym to simply going for a walk. Your body needs to move;
it was made to move!!!
-Nutrition- this is a very undereducated topic when it comes to our
society now a days.
Keep it simple! Greg Glassman said it best:
“Eat meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and
no sugar. Keep intake to levels that will support exercise but not body

There is way too much processed foods in our society and mainly
carbohydrates that will catch up to you.
If you consistently do these things, you will get results and will find
yourself healthier and happier!

4. Balance
Balance is another key when it comes to happiness and health.
I’m not saying you need to give up your nights out or your social life.
All I’m saying is you need to find balance.
Maybe instead of going out for drinks every weekend, limit yourself to 1
or 2 nights in the month. For the nights you go out, set a limit on how
many drinks you can have. It’s pretty easy to get carried away if you’re
not conscious about it. Pretty soon your 10 drinks deep at home ordering
a large pizza for yourself at 2am, which isn’t that big of a deal, but
you don’t want to be doing that often.
For the winos out there, limit yourself to a glass or two on weekends,
and make it a priority to not drinking it on weekdays; make it more of a
pleasurable treat than a regular occurrence of crushing a giant glass of
wine every night. This will catch up to you.
All I’m saying is that you can still enjoy all the things you love and
enjoy, just do so in moderation. Moderation is key!
Find the balance in your life.

5. Finding a likeminded group of people
Lastly, it’s very important to have a support system when it comes to
healthy living. If you have a family, make it a change in your family
that everyone’s going to be more healthy and do it together!
Find a community like the one at Pure Athletics. It’s a lot easier to
make change when you have a community of people all in it together. This
is the sole purpose of Pure Athletics. We want to make people healthier
and improve their quality of life so they can live longer, healthier, and
happier!! Whether you’re already living this way or are wanting that
change in your life, come down to Pure Athletics and see what it’s all
about! It is never too late to get healthy. Your body is a wonderful
amazing thing. Take care of it and it will take care of you!

Have a great day, everyone!

Coach Josh

Colleen Daniels